Hobby Rules


Beaver Speedway

Hobby Truck

OBJECT: This pickup class will be full sized American MFG pickups.

DEFINITION: American made full-sized pickup trucks with factory rating of ½ ton or more and of factory 2-wheel drive.  No Blazers, Suburban’s, or El Camino type vehicles.  No set wheel base, no set weight.

APPEARANCE: Pickups must be neatly numbered on both from doors 18” large and on the right side of the roof and 4” numbers on the front and rear of the pickup with contrasting colors.  One or two digit numbers only.  If the number cannot be clearly read, you will not be scored.

REAREND: Factory type production.  A Ford 9 inch may be installed because of gear ratio availability, but must be installed same as factory mounts, on offsets.  No aftermarket floaters.

BATTERY: Securely mounted in battery box and secured in the pickup bed.

BODY: Steel only.  No gutting or skinning of the body except installation of the roll cage components.  Must have box inner fenders:  Front inner fenders are optional.  May trim outer wheel wells for tire clearance.  Must have the equivalent to a stock floor in the box.  Tailgate is optional.  Must be securely bolted or welded on!!  Firewall must have all holes sealed.  Doors must have factory hinges, latches, strikers.  Door may be operational, but be sure they are securely fastened shut when on the track.  Stock core support; may add front loop.  May have a cover on the bed.

BRAKES: Same as factory equipped for that make and model.  No aftermarket proportioning valves.  Stock pedals.

BUMPERS: Front: As it came equipped for hat make and model.  May have two vertical nerf bars, no wider apart than the outside of the frame rails. Rear: No homemade bumpers.  OEM as came equipped from the factory.  LuVerne and aftermarket bumpers are okay.  No tube type bumpers.  Front and rear bumpers must have a flat plate commenting the ends to the fenders and he box side to prevent hooking the bumper and bending them away from the body.  May install an aftermarket nose piece.  Front hoops allowed.

CARBURETOR: Stock. GM Rochester 2 barrel up to 500 CFM only!!  All pickups!! Except Fords may run stock Motorcraft 2 barrel carb.  Two return springs are mandatory.  No fuel injection or throttle bodies.  Choke butterflies may be removed.  Holley jets may be installed.  A nonadjustable carburetor adapter plate, no higher than 1 ½ inches may be used on 4 barrel intakes.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Absolutely NO re-working of the Venturi or throttle plates whatsoever!!  Carbs will be checked!

ENGINE: 360 Cubic inch maximum!  Over bore accepted.  Must be located in OEM location.  No set back or off sets.  No Vortec engines or Vortec heads.  Stock OEM production type heads only.  Flat top or dish pistons only.  Performance cam shafts are allowed.  Heads must be totally stock.  No deburring, no polishing, no port matching.  Screw in studs allowed.  No guide plates.  Stock rocker arms.  No roller rocker arms or roller tips of any style.  Stock push rods.  Intake manifold must be OEM cast iron.  No aluminum Z28 manifolds.  There will be a $350 claim for heads with rockers and intake manifold.  Push rods, valve covers, spark plugs and sending units are not included.  GM engine with GM, Chrysler with Chrysler and Ford with Ford.

EXHAUST: Cast iron manifolds or headers allowed.

FRAME: Stock.  No alterations.  Must have minimum of 8” ground clearance at any point at all times.

FUEL: Pump gas only.

FUEL PUMP: Mechanical engine mounted pumps only.  No electric fuel pumps.

FUEL CELL: Racing fuel cell is MANDATORY!! Must be in metal can.  Must be relocated to the inside of the bed area and securely fastened down.  No larger than 16 gallon fuel cell and have a screw on top. Must be grounded from tank to lid.  The bed floor must have drain holes to let fuel drain out.  Must have metal firewall between the cell and the driver and sealed.  Cell must have a check valve to prevent leakage if inverted.

MIRRORS: No mirrors.

RADIATOR: Mounted inside frame rails in original location.  Aluminum radiators allowed.

ROLL CAGE: A 4 post roll cage constructed from round tubing, at least .090 minimum wall thickness pipe.  Minimum 1 ½ O.D. tubing that is welded with gussets in corners is a must.  Cage must be welded to frame.  The driver’s side door of the truck must have 3 or more bars.  Steel door plate 18 gauge or thicker thickness must be securely welded to outside of door bars on driver’s side.  Plate must cover area from top door bar to frame and from rear down post to 5” in front of driver’s seat.  Must have 2 bars extending from top of cage in to the bed and fastened to the frame.  Front hoop is allowed.

SEATS: Racing seat only with 5 point racing harness.

SUSPENSION: Stock OEM factory suspension that came on the truck.  Heavier load rates coil springs are permitted, but must fit in stock buckets.  A-frames and spindles are not to be altered to fit springs and must remain stock.  No alterations to the stock frame.   Only 1 stock shock per wheel in stock location.  No racing or coil over shocks.  No weight jacks.

TIRES: D.O.T.  radial tires or asphalt take offs.

TRANSMISSION: Stock automotive type.  Must have forward and reverse.  Stock OEM; flywheels, converters, clutch, and disk.  No aluminum flywheels.  Must have 2” inspection hole.  If running a standard transmission, must have a scatter proof bell housing.  No mini clutches.

WHEELS: 10” maximum steel wheels for asphalt takeoffs.  8” maximum for radials.

WINDSHIELD: Must have 4 vertical bars on drivers side minimum 3/8” diameter.  No wider than 4” apart.

READ THIS: If there is an item not covered in these rules, it is NOT legal.  OEM in these rules means original equipment manufactured with no additional modifications done by anyone.

Truck Legality will be to the discretion of the track officials, their decisions will remain final.  Protests are allowed in this class.