~~Amarillo Turkey Bash Entry Form 2016


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Driver’s Name __________________________________ Age_________________

Driver’s License ____________________ Social Security #___________________

Mailing Address______________________________________________________

Street or Box # City State Zip

Cell Phone #____________________

E mail_________________________________________________________________

Team Name____________________________________________________________

Team Color (Must Be Approved)_________________________________________

Pro Mod #___________________ Year ___________ Make___________________

Pro Mod #___________________ Year ___________ Make___________________

Weekend Warrior # ___________ Year__________ Make ____________________

Weekend Warrior # ___________ Year__________ Make ____________________

Pickup #__________________Year ____________ Make_____________________

Pickup #__________________Year ____________ Make_____________________



Kids Power Wheel 0-5 _______________ Kids Power Wheel 6-12___________________

Mail entries to Outlaw Promotions,

16502 Q Road, Cimarron, KS 67835.

First seventy-five entries have guaranteed indoor pit area.

Outlaw Promotions Demolition Derby Waiver & Release of Liability

We, the undersigned, being all of the drivers, pit crew and infield help of any entry, do hereby petition Outlaw Promotions, to be allowed to participate in the Demolition Derby to be held at the National Center Amarillo, Texas, on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2016.

To induce Outlaw Promotions of Cimarron, Kansas, to allow participation, we do hereby represent that each of us is over 18 years, and under no legal disability; or if not, that the consent of our parents or legal guardians is attached hereto.

Each of us do agree to participate in the Demolition Derby at our own risk and each of us hereby release and absolve Outlaw Promotions and Tri State Expo of any and all liability to any of us resulting from injury or injuries to any of us, or damage to our property, as a result of our participation in the Demolition Derby aforesaid.

We further agree that if allowed to compete, we will remove the car or cars from the Demolition Derby sight, meaning the Amarillo National Center Fairgrounds, by 12:00am, on Nov.28, 2016. We further agree that our car or cars become the property of Outlaw Promotions to be disposed of at their discretion, if such cars remain on the Derby site on or after said date of Nov. 27 2016. We, and each of us, further agree that Outlaw Promotions and Tri State Expo will not incur any liability because we pay entry fee to participate in said Demolition Derby.

We further agree that any and all expenses incurred because of driver or pit personnel’s abuse to the arena and pit area will be held responsible for compensation to the Amarillo National Center.

I, the driver, have read the rules and accept all explanations and interpretations of the rules. I accept the decision of the judges as FINAL. I agree to use the track in its present condition.

I, also understand if I, recieve more than $600 I will recieve a 1099.

Dated _____________________________________________________, 2016.

Driver’s Signature ____________________________________________________

SS#_______________________________________________ NO number NO CHECK WILL BE WRITTEN